Seashell House, Cape Agulhas Accomodation
Toby the Oystercatcher

TOBY (African Black Oystercatcher) A bird with this line, hook and sinker around its wing was released by a friend.

Jellyfish Light

Jellyfish Light Bicycle rim, glass shade, plastic, snack wrappers.

Beach Bag Lady

Beach Bag Lady Artist, environmentalist, teacher, textile designer

Sealife Hope

"The power of one to care can change everything here"

Positive action to clean up our beaches and oceans

Since 2002 I have been researching flotsam and jetsam in the Cape Agulhas and Struis Bay area. I have collected, washed, weighed, recorded, re-used and recycled the debris I collected in three months over a distance of 3 to 4 kilometres

  • Tangled fishing line - one cubic metre
  • 56 Fishing - elastic reels (red)
  • 50 Drinking straws
  • 18 Toothbrushes
  • 16 Cigarette lighters
  • 7kg Shoes
  • 14kg Rope
  • 4kg Plastic recycled
  • 1kg Glass recycled

How can we deal with the rest of this human-generated trash?

Make Something Out Of Nothing!!

The SEALIFE CD and LEARNERS' GUIDE  shows you how to use materials creatively and effectively to make saleable items. Only paint, varnish and glue were purchased.

  • Shows you how to make paper mache
  • gives educators ideas about including marine pollution awareness in every subject
  • shows constructions made using flotsam and jetsam
  • includes recycling and composting at home
  • can help reduce landfill by re-using trash
  • is a creative, colourful, easy to follow slide show (PowerPoint)


This CD of slides is suitable for schools, fishing clubs, craft centres, artists and environmental groups. The manufacturers of plastic and nylon equipment as well as the food packaging industry could also be made aware of the problems relating to their products.

If every single one of us collected and recycled flotsam and jetsam, we would reduce the sad and shocking impact on marine and wildlife. We are all connected. A snagged rope or net cut loose may wind round any boat propeller and endanger your own life

Visit the Shell & Sea Life Museum at 8 Golf Street, L'Agulhas.

Contact: Yvonne (Mosie) Hope
Office: +27 (0)28 435 788
Mobile: +27 (0)82 296 0144

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