Seashell House, Cape Agulhas Accomodation
The Southern Cross Labyrinth

* labyrinth created and designed by Yvonne Hope
* inspired by the Southern Cross constellation
* pathway edged by 505 bottles (endemic good cheer)
* gravel laid in a unicursal pathway to centre
* colours of the four stars are gold (top), white (lower), cerulean (left), cobalt (right)
The Southern Cross Labyrinth

Benefits of walking a labyrinth include:

Stress release, calming especially for hyper-actives
Problem solving in the right brain way
Connection with inner self (heart)
Reduced negativity and fear

How to walk a labyrinth:
(a maze has dead ends and tricky areas)

  • Take three deep breaths before you step onto the pathway, remain quiet
  • Focus your thoughts on the idea in your mind or one which comes to mind
  • Remain conscious of your breath and make way to the centre
  • Rest a while in the centre and listen to your heart
  • Retrace your steps
  • If another person is approaching, wait in an area to pass each other

How to find due south:

The Southern Cross Constellation (Crux) has four main stars and two very bright pointer stars to the left of the cross. To find the celestial South Pole, draw a line from the head star, Gacrux, through the lowest star, Acrux, and continue down till reaching a bright star, Achernar. Now draw a line from the pointer star closet to the cross, Hadar, and bring your hands steadily closer together till they meet. They are pointing at the celestial South Pole. Drop a line down to the horizon. That is due south from where you are.

Everyone is welcome to walk the labyrinth. To avoid disappointment please call or SMS me on 082 296 0144

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